The Benefits of Fragrant Root Oil That You Must Know

The Benefits of Fragrant Root Oil That You Must Know

The Benefits of Fragrant Root Oil That You Must KnowHave you ever heard of the vetiver plant? vetiver with its distinctive aroma is often used as perfume, air freshener, to body care. but the vetiver plant is also widely used for herbal medicine. The vetiver plant is a type of grass originating from India, but don’t worry because Indonesia has cultivated it a lot. vetiver plant in the form of long stems, thin leaves that are stiff and hard

  • Can help overcome sleep apnea and insomnia

Sleep apnea and insomnia are sleep disorders that can interfere with a person’s sleep quality. Generally this occurs when there is a malfunction in the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, or the respiratory system. What is clear, lack of sleep or sleep that is not soundly can have a bad impact on health and daily activities.

Reported by Stylecraze, vetiver oil can help overcome sleep apnea and insomnia, lo. Because, vetiver oil can activate the olfactory center in the brain to improve sleep quality, reduce snoring, and treat headaches. Inhaling this oil can also improve breathing patterns during sleep at night, so that you sleep well and have quality.

  • Improve alertness and brain function

Based on an animal study, it was found that animals who inhaled vetiver oil experienced increased alertness and brain function. This effect may also be experienced by humans, which can help the brain be more awake and focus on what is being done and increase alertness, citing Healthline. Even so, further research on humans is still needed.

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  • Help treat ADHD

To quote Dr. Ax, a 2001 study found that vetiver oil was effective in treating children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The study involved 40 children with an age range of 6-12 years and the study was conducted for 2 years. A total of 20 children were diagnosed with ADHD, while the other 20 children were a control group without ADHD.

The study found that the calming effects of vetiver oil can help children fight symptoms of ADHD and attention deficit disorder (ADD), which include difficulty concentrating, reduced focus, easily distracted, difficulty organizing and following directions, impatience, and restless behavior. .

  • Increase sexual arousal

Vetiver oil is also known for its aphrodisiac benefits and has been used in various traditional medicines, including Ayurveda, to combine with other essential oils to increase sex drive.

As explained on the Stylecraze page, the calming effect of the aroma of vetiver oil may be the reason for its effectiveness in increasing sex drive. Its calming aroma can also reduce cortisol-induced stress levels in the body and stimulate the brain to release testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones that can trigger sexual desire.