Some of the Benefits of Lemongrass Oil for Babies

Some of the Benefits of Lemongrass Oil for Babies

Some of the Benefits of Lemongrass Oil for Babies –┬áLemongrass is a natural plant that has many benefits for life. In Indonesia, since ancient times, lemongrass has been trusted for various uses.

In addition to cooking and beauty, this plant also has various benefits for babies, you know! Check out the following article on the benefits of lemongrass oil for babies, let’s go!

1. As aromatherapy

The first benefit is as a natural aromatherapy. The aroma is obtained from the steam.

To get it, all you have to do is put lemongrass oil in the diffusser. Enter lemongrass oil just before the time your little one sleeps. This lemongrass oil aromatherapy will make your baby’s sleep more comfortable.

2. As body warmers

A baby’s body temperature is often unstable, especially if he is in a cold room and when he feels cold. Lemongrass oil can be used to accelerate the increase in body temperature.

To do this, apply lemongrass oil to the parts of your little one’s body, such as the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, and stomach. The baby will feel warm and comfortable again.

3. Used for massage oil

This one oil is also useful for massaging baby’s skin. The massage that is done on the baby serves to relieve the aches that the baby feels.

The baby will be more comfortable afterwards. Gently massaging the baby can also stimulate it. This method can be used, either before or after the baby shower.

4. Overcoming rashes on the skin

Babies have skin that is still smooth and vulnerable. One reason, usually, is the use of diapers. Other causes can also come from products that are not suitable for sensitive skin.

To fix this, you can apply lemongrass oil on the rash on your little one’s skin. Use it after the baby has finished bathing.

5. Can repel insects and mosquitoes

The last benefit is as a natural repellent for insects and mosquitoes. Because it comes from natural ingredients, lemongrass oil is considered safer to use to apply to sensitive baby skin.

Lemongrass oil can provide protection for 480 minutes from mosquito bites with a concentration of 20-25 percent. Wow, long enough, huh?

Those are some of the benefits of lemongrass oil for babies. May be useful!