Some Local Olive Oil Recommendations

Some Local Olive Oil Recommendations

Some Local Olive Oil Recommendations – Some of the benefits for the skin include moisturizing, smoothing, and being high in antioxidants. It’s not wrong if you include olive oil in your body care series!

In order to use it easily, many brands in Indonesia have issued olive oil products in simple packaging. Besides being simple, the price is also affordable, you know! Come on, consider the following recommendations for local olive oil products!

1. Olive Oil Sariayu 2010

The first recommendation, there is the Sariayu brand. Sariayu Olive Oil has the benefit of moisturizing extra dry and rough skin. This product uses pure olive oil, you know!

You can apply it to dry parts of the body such as heels, elbows, knees, and other parts that feel dry. Sariayu Olive Oil is priced at IDR 30 thousand.

2. Herborist Olive Oil

Herborist Olive Oil contains vitamin E which is useful as an antioxidant. This oil is also claimed to moisturize extremely dry skin and provide a relaxing effect. You can use it for massage or body massage with the benefit of flexing stiff muscles.

The white oil in it can smooth your skin. Uniquely, this product contains mojokeling seeds to refresh the skin. Herborist Olive Oil comes out in two pack sizes. The price is IDR 25 thousand for the 75ml size, and IDR 38 thousand for the 100ml size.

3. Ovale Olive Oil

This olive oil product from Ovale is usually applied to the whole body, you know! Can be applied from head to toe. Its benefits can provide moisture to your hair and dry scalp.

Ovale Olive Oil can relieve dryness of your skin, both on the face, neck, feet and hands. If you use it regularly, it will make your skin moisturized and smooth. The price of Ovale Olive Oil is IDR 40 thousand.

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4. Wardah Olive Oil for Massage

Helping the body to relax and hydrate, is one of the benefits provided by Wardah Olive Oil for Massage. As the name implies, this product can be used for massage which is useful for improving blood circulation.

There are Bamboo and Cedaarwood ingredients that will soothe because they come from natural ingredients. Wardah Olive Oil has two sizes, for the size of 50ml it costs IDR 26 thousand, while the 150ml size costs IDR 46 thousand.

5. Mustika Ratu Olive Oil

Just like other olive oil products, Mustika Ratu Olive Oil can be used to massage your body. The benefits will also provide moisture to dry and scaly skin. Your skin will be smoother and fresher.

In the Mustika Ratu Olive Oil package, there are corner seeds that will refresh your skin. There is something that makes this product different, this Mustika Ratu Olive Oil is enriched with the aroma of rose essential and jasmine oil. It makes this olive oil smell so distinctive! You can buy Mustika Ratu Olive Oil for IDR 32 thousand.