How to Save Cooking Oil

How to Save Cooking Oil – Cooking oil is one of the ingredients in the kitchen whose function is very crucial, almost all types of food from sauteing to frying use this one ingredient. So don’t be surprised if you complain that it runs out quickly, especially if you use it many times, the oil turns black very quickly. Instead of looking for a way to purify cooking oil, you choose to buy a new one for health reasons.

The less we use cooking oil, the more we save our expenses, right? Unfortunately, not many know how to properly save cooking oil.

Actually there are many ways you can do to save cooking oil. For example by using special techniques or replacing the oil with other ingredients.

Here are tips to save cooking oil when cooking.

1. The way to make cooking oil last longer can be started by using a frying pan. Choose a flat shape and non-stick for frying

Tips on how to save cooking oil, the first can use a flat pan. Like a bowl, the more concave the surface, the more filling. For that, use a flat so that the use of oil can be suppressed. Frying with non-stick pans of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) can be an option. Frying in a non-stick pan doesn’t need to use up a lot of oil.

2. Use the pan frying method as a way to save cooking oil. Not all food ingredients are soaked in a lot of oil, lo

How to save cooking oil when frying by paying attention to the cooking technique. For example, how to fry eggplants to save oil can use pan frying or just a little oil. No need to soak for minutes, just back and forth until the surface is golden. Cooking techniques like this can also be a way to remove oil from fried peanuts, stir-fry to cook various meats, vegetables, eggs and other food ingredients. Let’s start trying!

3. So that it is not wasted, first adjust the oil to be used with the portion of the food to be made. It’s a shame if you just throw it away

One of the tips so that fried foods don’t absorb oil is to pay attention to the quantity of oil used. Before cooking, it’s a good idea to try to calculate the portion according to the food being made. If you don’t need a lot of oil, such as frying eggs or sautéing, then just prepare enough oil. Without calculation, it makes the use of cooking oil uncontrollable, it’s a shame if it is thrown away.

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4. Use an air fryer

Air fryer is a special cooking tool for frying or small form of the oven. The shape is similar to a magic cooker.

The air fryer is best used for frying vegetables or cooking meat. Some tools even fry automatically without using oil. Of course, this can be a way of frying that doesn’t waste oil.

5. Replace oil with margarine

If you just want to fry by sauteing, you can replace the oil with margarine. A little margarine has made the taste of the dish become savory. Of course, we can save cooking oil.

6. Use oil more than once

When frying, we don’t always have to use new oil. The new oil can be used for frying odorless food, so the oil doesn’t spoil.

Residual oil should be filtered and stored properly before reuse. However, you should not use it repeatedly because it is not good for health.