Easy Ways to Clear Used Cooking Oil

Easy Ways to Clear Used Cooking Oil – As we all know, cooking oil is one of the most commonly used kitchen ingredients for cooking. However, it is not recommended that you use the same oil repeatedly, only 2-3 times a maximum of it. Cooking oil that is used continuously can be harmful to health and can cause several disorders.

However, if you really want to save money, try to store and purify used cooking oil in the way below, so that it can be used again. Curious? Come on, watch it together!

1. After use, store cooking oil in a clean state

You can clean cooking oil by filtering it so that the dregs left behind don’t get stored in the same container. Because, dregs and food residue in used cooking oil can make harmful bacteria grow in it.

2. Besides that, you also have to separate the cooking oil according to its use

The next way to purify used cooking oil is to separate the cooking oil according to its use. The cooking oil will smell like what it was fried in. So that the smell does not mix and your cooking oil can still be used, it’s better to separate the cooking oil according to its use, yes! It’s not good if your used fish cooking oil is mixed with donut used cooking oil.

3. Use a dry and clean container to store your used cooking oil

Dirty and wet containers can cause diseases that will later develop in your used cooking oil. Use clean, dry, and closed containers so that cooking oil is not contaminated with bacteria when stored. In addition, you also need to make sure the cooking oil is cold before pouring it into the container.

4. You have to deposit the used flour cooking oil first so that it can be used again

Flour can leave marks on the oil that make it cloudier. To clear up the used cooking oil, you can use a simple method by leaving the oil for about one night until the flour settles under it. That way, you can reuse the clear oil that is on the surface.

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5. You can use lemongrass to get rid of the smell of cooking oil

Crush the lemongrass stalks with a knife so that it can be used to remove the smell of cooking oil. After the lemongrass is bruised, put it in the used oil that has been heated, then let it sit for a while. The smell of cooking oil will disappear as the lemongrass wilts.

6. Rice can also be used to purify your used cooking oil

When finished frying with oil, take a handful of rice and then round it into a fist. Then put the rice in a frying pan that is still hot. Turn and press the rice until all the crumbs and dirt in the oil stick to the rice. This method is also considered to be able to clear used cooking oil easily.

7. You are also not allowed to store your cooking oil in the refrigerator

Storing used cooking oil in the refrigerator will precipitate the substance. If it has settled, cooking oil should not be used anymore because it can harm the body.

8. It’s best to store cooking oil in a cool, closed, and room temperature place

In order to maintain the quality of cooking oil, you need to keep it away from heat and light sources. You can store it in a cool, closed place such as a kitchen cupboard. If necessary, you are advised to use an opaque container to make it safer to use.

Those are 8 ways you can do to purify used cooking oil so that it can be reused. The method above is indeed effective if you want to maximize the use of cooking oil. As long as your cooking oil is not too dirty and cloudy, yes. Good luck!