5 Mistakes Using Cleansing Oil as Long as it is Used

5 Mistakes Using Cleansing Oil as Long as it is Used

5 Mistakes Using Cleansing Oil as Long as it is Used – Cleansing oil is a facial cleansing product that you can use in a series of skincare. As the name suggests, the formula is oil-based and has the ability to effectively remove dirt on the face.

1. You are using a cleansing oil product with a formulation that is not right for your skin type

The first mistake that is often made is using cleansing oil with a formulation that is not right for the condition of the facial skin.

In addition, to make sure the product matches your skin, you can do a patch test beforehand. Apply the oil on the neck or behind the ears to see if there is an allergic reaction on your skin.

It is also important to look for cleansing oil products whose formula is not too heavy for your skin. Therefore, it is very important that you recognize your own skin condition!

“I recommend it for owners of sensitive skin or dry skin, who regularly wear makeup. Use this product for a gentle method of removing difficult-to-lose makeup without making the skin too dry,” Rachel added.

2. You use the oil carelessly from the kitchen

The oil used as a cleansing oil has a special formulation. Because of that, you can’t use any products that you find in your kitchen, such as cooking oil.

In addition, the nudieglow.com site also states that cooking oil also contains preservatives or additives that are not good for the skin. This type of oil also does not have an additional emulsifier so that the remaining oil residue can be left on the face, clogging the pores, and causing a breakout.

3. You don’t use the product according to the recommended dosage

The third mistake you may have made is using the product without the correct amount. Either that means using too little or too much of the product.

From the healthyskinglows.com site, it is recommended to use only 1 teaspoon of cleansing oil products. So, there’s no need to overdo it or be too economical to get the maximum clean face.

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4. You don’t wash your hands before using cleansing oil and wipe your face with a dirty towel after using the product

Cleanliness and sanitation also affect the health of facial skin. Therefore, it is very important to get in the habit of washing your hands thoroughly before doing your skincare routine. One of them, when going to use cleansing oil.

After using the product, you need to pay attention to whether the face towel you are using is clean. It is also important to use the type of towel that has a soft texture and is not rough, so that it will not have an irritating effect on facial skin.

5. You don’t clean your face until all the dirt is removed

If you use makeup regularly, always do double cleansing! First of all, you can massage your face with cleansing oil.

Massage and wait for about 1 minute until the oil formulation can clean your face optimally. Then, rinse thoroughly. So, don’t be in a hurry to remove your makeup!